Wednesday, August 31, 2011

dye project No.6

This was a freelance project for No.6. I worked in their studio in williamsburg dyeing hundreds of silk fabric swatches a day.
I worked to achieve 3 books filled with fabrics, overdyed prints and solids, in many different weights in fabric.
The book was organized by my formulas using 3 different type of dyes. Procion mx, Dylon, RIT, and Jacquard dyes.

It became a little difficult to organize all the different weights of fabric, especially when there is such a range, many fabrics became difficult to differentiate after the dye process! Half way through the project, I started to cut the swatches before dyeing, to help identify them after!

Fabric is measured by mm (mommes)
Habotai- 5-16mm
Chiffon 6-8mm
Crepe de Chine 12-16mm
Gauze 3-5 mm
Raw Silk 35-40mm
Organza 4-6 mm
Charmeuse 12 - 30mm

Anyways, the books were great, and the selection of colors became so sophisticated and quite beautiful.
click here to see the no.6 lookbook : AW11 No.6 collection

or here to view the lookbook: no. 6

have you ever noticed when you walk in to a store, such as J Crew and American Eagle, for example, you see the same shades of green or yellow?

Im more interested in the off colors, the muted yellows, the warm greys, every color has a tint and shade, as well as saturation, (muted color vs. bright) , also color has cool and warm tones. And when you put a certain selection of colors together, you can almost tell a story. I love this.

This is what I LOVE to work with. Which is why I'm a painter as well as fabric dyer.

No. 6 collection was a great company to work for, and working in the studio was cool, going through an inspiring collection of their vintage archive, with a ton of foilage and terrariums around, and devendra banhart as well as the East Village Radio show, "Chances with Wolves" playing while I got to work as a fast little color chemist.

No. 6 has a blog and a beautiful store in Nolita, its super charming. The store includes their current collection as well as their exquisite vintage selection.

Too bad the job had a end... I'm looking for more experiences in that field....I love color and getting my hands and eyes immersed in a project.
Til the next freelance job, I'll be finishing up new paintings and jewelry, and album artwork for my boyfriend's band, Fancy Colors, will update post them very soon!

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