Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Awakening

This particular series called "Spring Awakening" are dreamscapes, and were created with the feeling of capturing the essence of the moment. Embracing the new energy of a new season and embracing nature, and nature's elements(air, water, earth) affect on each other and us (plants and animals).

"Botticelli", Oil, Gold Leaf, Mica mineral flakes

This painting is about the new air brought by new spring winds and new cycle, and the bliss of spring . I named it "Botticelli", because Sandro Botticelli's "Primavera" was in my mind, especially after I painted the woman's face in that posture. She is blissful in the new inspiring spring air and sweet scent of gilded flowers.

You should listen to Deerhunter, or Atlas Sound, when you look at the painting. The pace, slow and dreamy, and the elements of the sound, affect one another and fuse together, just like what my objective is here.
click here : Deerhunter, "On Guard"

I love Deerhunter, also I listened to a lot of Caveman and Monogold in this series. I love painting to dreamy, harmonic, textural music.

"Phosphorescent Branches", Oil, Gold Leaf, Mica mineral flakes

this painting is about the warm energizing sun's affect on the trees. I think the music of Monogold, came through in this one.

"Moonflower" Oil, Gold leaf on canvas

This painting is about the beauty of those magical white flowers that blossom to the light of the moon! This is my favorite of the series, as I think it's the most elegant, and the most mysterious one.

"Cloud #8", Oil on canvas

This painting is about bliss and feeling the rejuvenating energy of the landscape become part of the body.

"Everything is moving in stillness." , Oil, shellac crystals, gold leaf

"flowers of the sea.", Oil, flower petals, plaster, metal powder and patina on canvas

This painting is about the change of currents in the water, and also the flow and movement of the seasons cycles and union between flora and water.

"Echo", Oil on Canvas

This painting is about the relation of sound and space and nature. It relates to reflection of sound, or known as reverberation (vibration) or an echo, which also is visually apparent in the structure of flora and the nature, in the clouds in the air, in the waves of the sea, etc.

"Desertocean." Oil, Gold Leaf

this painting is about the union of air land and ocean. It is also about the endlessness of landscape and sound, reverb.

For more work, you can go to, and to see a selection of the dreamscapes paired with dreamy vintage clothing, go to my favorite vintage boutique in NYC, A Little Wicked. xoxoxo