Friday, September 14, 2012

And so the trade flows like the rain to the sea...


A collaborative show, Andrew Smenos, talented artist  himself, quite, curated a collaborative show at Littlefield, Brooklyn held this July- August, to show 100 artists take on the dollar bill;  the value of a dollar, and value of art,..." Money is simply a piece of paper, Art is simply a form of communication, yet both carry incredible power. Concepts permeate art and money. The perception of value or authority. The ancient codes used and doctrines communicated. Layered and surreal images that appear with beautifully crafted portraits, scenes, symbols, forms and typography from generations past. Precious objects we exchange and collect. One Hundred Artists, One Hundred Dollar Bills, every dollar bill Art Piece is for sale for One Hundred Dollars."

 What a powerful result it was to see so many diverse artists display their work in the same space, and there were so many different executions of expressing how they could represent their interpretation of value and the dollar bill.
There is a blog for the show which you must check out ! click here !

This is my piece here:  

Titled. "...and so the trade flows like the rain to the sea."

Its about the constant movement of exchange over each day and night and the harmony within the continuous flow. 

Andrew Smenos, for his brilliant art click here:

Kishi Bashi video "Bright Whites", costume for K and V , Athens, Georgia

Watch the video here:  Video direction and art by Brett Vaughn